A partial list of recently completed projects:

  • Return and risk based portfolio analytics for 2,200 hedge fund portfolios over a two year
    period to identify portfolio turnover, top buys and sells, asset growth and reverse
    engineering of trading strategies. This effort resulted in creating three proprietary metrics
    that can help US regulators in monitoring US based hedge funds.

  • Procurement analytics for a global retail firm to categorize and optimize ($ billion) of annual
    spending. This effort resulted in enterprise-wide consistent measurement of global
    procurement spending. As a result of this project, the client realized that 40% of the
    spending was off-contract in certain business units.

  • Revenue analytics for a silicon-valley based high tech firm to forecast and report current
    quarter orders, revenue ($ billion), margins and operating profit in almost real-time basis.
    This initiative helped the client in having a consistent view across orders and revenue,
    accurately forecasting how many of the orders will turn into revenue.

  • Supply chain analytics for global retail and high-tech product manufacturer to identify
    bottlenecks in the supply chain and quantify geographical risk due to supplier concentration.

  • Create risk and return based metrics system to select hedge fund managers for a fund of
    funds. This effort enabled the fund of funds to closely match limited partner guidelines and
    investor policies with the hedge fund manager styles.

  • Trading analytics for a buy-side fixed-income investment management firm to identify top
    margin accounts, highest revenue generating securities, asset segmentation by clients,
    assets in top demand, and minimize trade failures in a ($ billion) portfolio.

  • Trading systems consolidation and merger integration support following a merger between
    two buy-side fixed-income investment management firms.

  • Development of LBO financial models to value multi-year infrastructure investments, risk
    assessment and  business advisory within special economic zones in emerging countries.

  • On-line payments for virtual goods, billing, fraud and risk analytics for an on-line gaming
    company that specializes in social gaming.

  • Advertisement effectiveness & analytics for revenue and operations improvement for a
    digital media firm that owns several digital assets.
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