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The ones below are all fairly simple and should not be confused
with the complex and proprietary real applications.

1) Fraud Analysis using Visual Analytics
To mitigate operational risk, trading patterns have to be
carefully observed and analyzed. In this
20-minute demo,
you can see how to detect fraud using visual analytics. Use this
link for
high-quality video download.

  • Gather trading, settlement, and bookings data
  • Connect trading data with Faxes
  • Connect trading data with system logins & Visualize !

2) Analyze H1B Wages in USA
Explore average H1B wages in the USA as of 2010.

  • Visualize average H1B wages across USA
  • Analyze H1B employees for a given company
  • Report wage trends

3) Predict (what-if analysis) energy prices
Use predictive analytics to forecast energy prices

  • Forecast gasoline prices, based on historical data
  • Run a what-if analysis, based on economic factors
  • See how robust is the basic model

4) Monitor Investment Performance
Scenario & Visual analysis for non-US investors

  • If you are a non-US investor, do you invest in your
         local country stock-market index?
  • Do you invest in a USD denominated checking account?
  • Do you invest in US stock-market index, such as SPY?
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