Kubera Analytics' mission is to understand and solve business problems through metrics. We
    build and deliver a handful of enterprise-level or department-specific customized metrics to
    the decision makers at our clients.


    Kubera Analytics' uses data and model driven, research oriented, advanced engineering and
    statistical methods so that complex business and investment problems can be explained
    easily using metrics that are easier to define, measure, and predict.


    The associates (employees and consultants) of Kubera Analytics have decades of experience
    gained in large, global multinationals with focus on methodologies and processes.

    Our associates hold graduate-level quantitative degrees in Engineering, Finance, Bio
    Sciences, Math, and Business Management from some of the world's best known research
    universities. Our associates hold industry accreditations such as the Chartered Financial
    Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered
    Alternative Investments Analyst (CAIA), Project Management Professional (PMP), Oracle
    Certified Professional (OCP), and Big Data etc.

    Our team is fluent in technologies such as Spotfire, Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Hadoop,
    HBase, NoSQL, MapReduce, Java, C++, Python, Perl, C#, .Net, VB, PHP, Ruby, SQL, SAS,
    SPSS, Stata, Matlab, R and S+.

    We have deep specialties in data warehousing and business intelligence technologies such as
    Spotfire, OBIEE, MicroStrategy, Business Objects and SAS. To provide in-depth services we
    use specialized packages such as FinMetrics, RiskMetrics, NuOpt etc.


    Our clients are primarily located in the Pacific time zone, mainly in California, Washington,
    Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. However Kubera has supported global clients on a select
    basis, if there is a unique client request. When required, we provide 24 x 7 x 365 coverage by
    leveraging our India based associates in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

    Kubera Analytics is part of Kubera Investments LLC, which owns other divisions that focus on
    business valuations, and carbon trading.
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