Kubera Analytics is a California based, niche-market, research based, consulting firm that
    specializes in big-data, model-driven, visual, and predictive analytics. The firm's clients are
    typically west-coast based global multi-nationals with mature processes and methodologies.

Engaging Kubera Analytics:

    We start with a succinct business problem description from a client company, typically in one
    line (ex: We need to identify our global wasteful spending and cut it by 10% this year).

    Kubera Analytics crunches billions and trillions of data records to arrive at insightful analytics.
    So we need access to huge amounts of data gathered from automated systems that deal with
    related and sometimes unrelated areas, such as trading, settlement, financial transactions,
    pricing and quotations, point of sales, customer relations, orders, bookings, purchase orders,
    invoices, supply chain, procurement and financial data.

Our Methodology:
    Some of the commonly used methodologies are derived from various visualization and data
    warehousing principles such as facts and dimensions, cubes, aggregates, drill-downs, drill-
    across, scatter plots, 3D plots, trellis etc., from statistical methods such as regression (binary
    logistic, multinomial, probit), multivariate analysis, factor analysis, non parametric,
    forecasting and survival techniques, line similarity, cluster analysis, principal components
    analysis,  bayesian and monte-carlo methods etc.

    As a TIBCO value added reseller, we provide end-to-end solutions based on Spotfire, and
    R/S+ (software licenses, architecture recommendation, configuration, and any required
    customization). However, we are product agnostic and work with other commonly used tools
    and technologies, such as Oracle, Teradata, Business Objects, Micro Strategy, Hyperion,
    Essbase, Excel with VBA, SQL, SAS, SPSS, and Matlab etc.

Your Solution Output:
    We produce an objective and unbiased 4-page summary and up to 50-page detailed
    document, that contains a handful of key metrics used to measure the problem, root causes,
    ways to fix issues at hand, and suggest an automated way to monitor those key metrics.

    In some cases, we build an automated solution using resources from our own and partner
    firms, at the request of the client. We do not cross-sell unrelated products to our clients.
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